Age Verifier

Add Age Verification To Vending Machines

The Age Verifier makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers which have the ability for an on-site clerk to check a consumer’s age.

We developed an age verification add-on module for vending machines worldwide. The module makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers which have the ability for an on-site clerk to check a consumer’s age.

It also enables operators to expand into sales of products such as CBD, alcohol or tobacco which may require age verification.

We design, develop and manufacture a variety of versatile devices using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
Our mission is to offer our partners devices that will make it possible to increase profits, reduce costs, and their customers will be able to get the products they choose as simply as possible.


Excellent combination of software and hardware

1 - Artificial intelligence(AI) compares photo from document and real face of customer.
2 - AI verifies age from document and measures age of customer via special camera and document tray.
3 - Optionally* remotely real person(r-seller) revies AI result and accepts or declines permission to make an a purchase.

The Age Verifier contains special camera and document tray
that are most suitable for working with artificial intelligence.

Due to the excellent combination of hardware, the artificial intelligence performs its work as quickly and accurately as possible. Our software allows you to check the age of a client just in a couple of seconds, and with additional verification by a real person, the procedure does not take more than a 60 seconds in total!

Connect Age Verifier to the existing VM via two cables, then connect power cable to Age Verifier and it is ready for use. Age Verifier will automatically configured to your existing settings of vending machine.

Coming soon Age Verifier 2.0

By turning the 7-inch screen upright, it became possible to shrink the width of the box by 25%.  A different metal and thickness was chosen, which resulted in a prototype 40% lighter without sacrificing product strength and reliability.

Our team makes every effort to keep the device as compact and lightweight as possible.

Due to the updated design and compact size, the client will primarily benefit from shipping costs, as well as in a more attractive appearance.


Prices for Age Verifier


Booking Age Verifier

25 per month
with subscription on 5 years


Buying Age Verifier

One-time payment without subscription


Verification with AI

Age verification with AI per check

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