CAV Solution

is a new company from Estonia on the market that is currently in a startup incubator with the support of Tehnopol organization.

We design, develop and manufacture a variety of versatile devices using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
Our mission is to offer our partners devices that will make it possible to increase profits, reduce costs, and their customers will be able to get the products they choose as simply as possible.

Our technology is based on the latest developments in Computer Vision and Neural Networks, which gives an ability to detect and recognize faces, gender and age with significantly reduced False Positives amount.

We use a cloud infrastructure for our distributed system and it significantly reduces operational costs of the system. In case of any problems system asks operator to solve ambigious problems, like mismatching face with document or if age detection system found that customer looks too young.

From the point of security our system do not store any Personal Identifiable Information(PII), such as names, faces in a raw format and other sensitive data. We store only hashes of PII, which means that no any PII data can be extracted from the storage. GDPR requirements is full filled. We have strong encryption on any data exchanged in our system and security is number one priority for us.

Age verification

Age verification add-on module is made for vending machines, self-checkouts, pick-up points, and self-service-markets. Artificial intelligence and machine learning with special camera and document tray more accurately verify a customer's age than a human.

Business to Business

We offer special conditions of cooperation for manufacturers.

Product Consulting

Got a question? Feel free to ask, we’re always happy to help!


We offer our products with a subscription or a one-time payment.

Investment Planning

Profit from age limited goods is higher average on 30%

Business Growth

Increase your sales with the wide range of product.

Projects Worldwide

We are always open in partnership and long-term relationship.

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